Getting Ready to Debate

Students in the Global Issues program can choose to participate in Model United Nations or in Debate.

In June, these 10th and 11th grade students prepared for the High School English Debate Association (HEnDA) Prefectural Debate Tournament. It was held online this year and this is the first year that Jogakuin students have participated in this tournament. They  worked so hard!

Both Model U.N. and Debate are great for students. Preparing for and participating in debate can benefit students not only while they are in school, but can help them be better prepared for life. Debate helps to improve critical thinking skills, think logically, structure their thoughts, hone delivery and speaking skills, develop research skills, build collaboration and teamwork skills, explore different ways of thinking about issues, practice tactful disagreement, increase self-confidence, and have fun while learning!








As our debate students can attest, debate is a lot of work, but it is truly rewarding.