マウントユニオン大学研修⑦ コミュニティセンター訪問・お城観光・学生たちとのゲーム

Today was the last day to visit the University of Mount Union. It was sad for me to finish because I could get many good experiences through the program.

First, we visited Alliance Community Center. There was a grocery store. I think their food was cheaper than other stores because the store is used by people who don’t have enough money to live or can’t drive to another grocery store. It was a good memory for me.

Then we went to a castle. The castle has so many rooms. It was my first time to visit an American castle.

After visiting the castle, we played with video games, table tennis, and other games with the Japanese club students at Mount Union.

When I went back to my host family’s home, I cooked for my host family. It was “shoga yaki”. My host family was glad about this.

The Mount Union program gave me a lot of great memories and experiences.