おはよう中国 (中国地方限定) 午前7:45~7:50頃

特集「被爆者の心を受け継ぐ」(全国) 午前8:50頃~




On August 6 from 7:00 the radio program below will interview  two Jogakuin students and one teacher.


Follow this link to listen to the program live. ←ここをクリックしてください。当日聞けます!

Students from 19:30  高校生2名(被爆3世)は午後7時半~(日本時間)

Teacher from about 20:30 教員は午後8時半~(日本時間)

Hiroshima 70 Years On

Peter Allen travels to Hiroshima for a special programme on the 70th anniversary of the world’s first atomic bomb attack.

Reporting live from the Japanese city’s commemoration events, Peter hears powerful testimonies from people who survived the bomb blast – which is estimated to have killed around 140,000 people.

Hear from a Japanese woman whose school was obliterated, but who survived because she was helping out at a military base on the edge of the city. Peter also talks to one of the American physicists – now in his 90s – who helped develop the atomic bombs at the Manhattan Project, and who was on the Pacific island of Tinian when the US bomber the Enola Gay set off on its mission. And Peter meets Hiroshima residents to understand what the aftermath of the bomb has been on the city, Japan, and the world, as well as people who have travelled from across the globe to take part in the commemorations.