高2GIハワイ研修① the Kakaako Farmer’s Market & Punchbowl Hill

Today, our Global Issues class trip to Hawaii started. Everyone has been learning a lot about Hawaii for this trip. From today, we will be able to confirm what we have learned in-person and we will undoubtedly learn more. After arriving in Hawaii, we first went to the Kakaako Farmer’s Market. This was our first interaction with people in Hawaii during this trip. Although we were a little nervous, we enjoyed shopping and talking with the shopkeepers.


At Punchbowl Hill, we saw the graves of Japanese American soldiers. They are in the most prominent area.  We learned that many brave Japanese American soldiers are still being mourned in Hawaii. The statue of Mary, who is staring, expresses her strong wish that war will never happen again because she lost her child in the war.(高2GI生)