高2(昨日から高3)GIハワイ研修④4/2 Pearl Harbor National Park & Meeting with Ms. Naomi Hirano-Omizo

Today, we went to Pearl Harbor National Park. We took a tour of the museums and the USS Arizona. We dropped rose petals on the USS Arizona to show respect to all who died. There was also an exhibit of Sadako Sasaki’s origami cranes. One of Sadako Sasaki’s original cranes was on display. We were surprised to see a virtual reality exhibit that told the story of a Japanese pilot. Our final memorial was the USS Missouri battleship.

After all of the museums and memorials, we met Mr. Tom Leatherman, the superintendent of Pearl Harbor National Park. We talked about our impressions of Park Harbor and its museums. It was a really precious opportunity to talk with him.

In the late afternoon, we learned about the Japanese-American experience through Ms. Naomi Hirano-Omizo presentation and discussion about her family before, during, and after World War II. These four days of study in Hawaii have expanded our view of the world and, especially, our view of peace.(新高3GI生)