高2(今日から高3)GIハワイ研修③ University of Hawaii

Today, Global Issues students spent the entire day at the University of Hawaii for an educational program called Project Paradise. First, students and graduates from the University of Hawaii with Japanese and Korean roots welcomed us with open arms. We were divided into several groups and we all introduced ourselves to each other and participated in Hawaiian themed activities. Then, students and graduates from the University of Hawaii gave a presentation about their families to us.

We then toured the University of Hawaii campus. We were impressed with how beautiful the campus was. It is rich in nature and has excellent facilities. Many of us were surprised to see a Japanese-style garden on campus.

In the afternoon, we learned about Hawaii’s diversity and the Aloha Spirit. Aloha Spirit is the spirit of caring for others. We then gave presentations to illustrate what we had learned today. All of the groups did a great job with their presentations. (今日から高3のGI生)