マウントユニオン大学研修 ⑤ プレスクール訪問・ロータリークラブでのプレゼン・ネイチャーセンター散策・タイダイ染体験・ホストファミリーと教会訪問

We went to Union Avenue Preschool. We made origami with children ages three to five. They were so cute. When we left, they hugged me!


We went to the Alliance Rotary Club for lunch and to give a presentation. I was very nervous, so I forgot some words I had memorized! But I was happy that everyone listened to me so well.


We went to the University of Mount Union Nature Center. We could see many birds, chickens, goats, and a donkey. I walked up the mountain to see deer, but we couldn’t.


We did tie-dye. We dyed scrunchies and T-shirts. After wringing them and fastening them with rubber bands, we colored them with many colors.

In the evening, we went to church with my host family. There were many people. We could eat soup and dessert freely. After we ate, we played with the children who came to church.