マウントユニオン大学研修⑩ シカゴ都市研修

It was our second day in Chicago.Today was the last day of sightseeing in America.

We took the subway to Willis Tower.

We learned that Chicago had a terrible fire many years ago. Willis Tower was very high and some people were scared because it was 103 floors high. We enjoyed taking pictures.


Next, I ate a pizza. The Chicago pizza was very thick. It was very delicious.

Then we went to Navy Pier. Unfortunately, we could not ride the attractions because the weather was bad. We all bought matching key holders. Also, we went to a Starbucks which is the largest Starbucks in the world. It was very cool. We ate hot dogs for dinner. We ate while talking together. Tomorrow is the day we go back to Japan, so I am going to bed early.