マウントユニオン大学研修③ いよいよ大学での授業開始

Today was our first day at UMU. 

First, we met with Mr. King, the University of Mount Union Presudent, and Macaw, the mascot, had a session on American culture, and took ID photos. 

We also received some gifts and hoodies from UMU. The hoodies look great!

We got our food from the cafeteria for lunch, and we ate it with students from Alliance High School. At first, I was really nervous because the high schoolers looked older than the ones in Japan. But as time went on, I felt more relaxed and we talked about ourselves while making origami. It was a lot of fun.

After lunch, we joined Japanese classes and taught Japanese to the university students. Japanese class was similar to our English class, and teaching Japanese to Americans helped me feel more comfortable with speaking English.

We also had a smoothie break. We could order a  drink at the cafe on campus. I chose a Hawaiian Sunshine smoothie, and it was really good. 

Hot Pots painting with the Girls Scout Daisies was our last activity for today. Each of us chose one dish to paint and painted it with the colors we liked. Also, girls from the Daisies have us cookies, and they were really good and sweet. Girls from the Daisies were either kindergartener or 1st graders, and they were cute. 


I’m looking forward to tomorrow too!!


マウントユニオン大学研修② ホストファミリーと対面