マウントユニオン大学短期研修⑥ Day 6 ~プレゼンテーション、ディスカッション、そしてなぜか工作まで!

Today was a full, productive day joining university classes, a preschool class, and winding down with a creative craft session. 


 Our day started with a class on American Culture with Dr. Oyabu-Mathis. With her unique perspective as both a Jogakuin and Mount Union graduate and long-term resident of the U.S., Dr. Oyabu-Mathis helped the Jogakuin students understand the basic values of American culture in contrast to Japanese culture. 



  Next, our students joined Dr. Johnson’s Peacebuilding & Social Justice class, where they gave their presentation on Hiroshima’s history, Jogakuin, and Hiroshima now. Their presentation was delivered well and the students received positive feedback, deftly fielding questions from the Mount Union students afterward. 


Students from Dr. Johnson’s class and members of the Japanese club joined the Jogakuin students for lunch. It was a great opportunity for our students to engage in natural conversation and ask questions to be better prepared for tomorrow’s second class on American culture with Dr. Oyabu-Mathis. 


For the day’s third class, the Jogakuin students joined Dr. Tanya Maus’s class at Wilmington College via video conference. Dr. Maus’s class answered questions prepared by the Jogakuin students yesterday. Both groups of students were able to share their learned narratives on the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and how to create a more peaceful world. 


 新しい画像 (1)

 After the class with the students from Wilmington, the Jogakuin students went to Union Avenue preschool, where the Jogakuin students introduced a Japanese song, taught the students how to count to 10 in Japanese, and made origami and played with the children. After an intense morning of study, the time with the preschoolers was a fantastic transition to the creativity of the day’s last scheduled activity of painting at HotPots pottery. 


 新しい画像 (2)

 All in all, the Jogakuin students met the day’s challenges with poise and did an amazing job representing both their school and their city of Hiroshima.